Why We Should Explore More!

Maybe we are not that narrow minded maybe we are not that broad minded too.Maybe sometimes we are able to understand others maybe sometimes we aren’t. Exploring is not just about knowing new places it is also about new people, new mindsets, new cultures and many things. When we are just confined to ourselves we […]


People and Books both are same in many ways like both are judged by their outer appearance. People are just like books, full of stories behind the cover, you know them only when you want to know them, and for that you have to read and listen to their story by yourself. Because if you […]


Living in the 21st century, yet we didn’t grew up as a human being on the planet. Not talking about a single person or a single nation but almost all of them. Exploring different parts of the world makes us aware of many situations, and also makes us realise the fact that maybe we have […]

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