Dreams & Door…

Whether it’s day or night, we dream and we dream of the dreams that look beautiful or amusing.If we wakeup in middle of a dream we try to sleep again to complete that dream, or we create a plot to fit that dream. These dreams can give us just happiness for a small moment. So […]


“Her heart was shattered into pieces that nobody tried to collect” Not just broken, her heart was shattered into pieces Millions of times her soul asked for help but nobody could listen to the voice of her inner soul Amidst the chaos she was dying a silent death And slowly slowly she became a dead […]


Lots of people will support you on your face but won’t on your back. You will have many friends but only few will be the best. You may be standing amidst crowd but yet feel lonely. Lots of people may know you but only few will understand you. Some people seek one home and some […]


People and Books both are same in many ways, both are judged by their outer appearance. People are just like books, full of stories behind the cover, you know them only when you want to know them, and for that you have to read and listen to their story by yourself. Because if you listen […]


Life, a continual change preceding death, existence of an individual human being. Life itself is a meaning, living itself is a ‘definition‘ living itself defines our life. Sometimes exotic combination of ups and down.In a moment we seem to be happy in the next we are sad. Ultimately never goes planned, still everybody is so […]

आओ मिलकर सीखें चलना…

आओ मिलकर सीखें चलना गिर गिरकर फिर सम्भलना कैसी भी हो मंजिल हरपल आगे बढ़ना। कुछ मोड़ मिलेंगे राहों में जिनका तोड़ है तुम्हारी निगाहों में कुछ उलझन भरे सवाल होंगे तुम्हारे पास जिनके जवाब होंगे बस जरुरत है उन्हें पहचाने की पूरे मन से उन्हें अपनाने की विश्वास तुम्हारा डगमगाएगा आत्मविश्वास हिल सा जाएगा […]

Cloudy dreams

Have you ever wondered why our dreams are still unclear. In 20’s but still don’t know what our aim is or what interests us more than anything else.Which dream should I pursue so that I never get full of it. The dream that will never make us regret which are those. Sometimes it is really […]

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