Lots of people will support you on your face but won’t on your back. You will have many friends but only few will be the best. You may be standing amidst crowd but yet feel lonely. Lots of people may know you but only few will understand you. Some people seek one home and some […]


Living in the 21st century, yet we didn’t grew up as a human being on the planet. Not talking about a single person or a single nation but almost all of them. Exploring different parts of the world makes us aware of many situations, and also makes us realise the fact that maybe we have […]

We Promote The One’s Who Are Already good At Something!

Some people might say, why shouldn’t we promote the good one’s. Let’s talk from the basic when we are in primary classes, our teachers always praise the the kids who are active and are more interactive from the beginning. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be praised, they definitely should be praised they deserve it.But […]

Daughters Are Burden On Society

When we are a kid we don’t understand but as we grow up, we start seeing people talk about the responsibilities that they have for their girl child, like their education, marriage,finding a nice guy, then the dowry. Many girls are not educated properly just because at end they have to get married and take […]

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