Humanity is dying…

Nowadays humans need to prove they are humans and humanity lies in them.

Cruelty is rising day by day from brothers killing each other to honour killing.

Killing on the basis of religion to the caste system.

Inhuman rape cases in the country.

Killing on the basis of race.

Massive attacks on borders killing many soldiers and the local people.

Fight for existence, fight for land disputes, fights to show power.

Humanity is dying a tragic death…

Lots of people are trying to spread love, peace,enlighten people.Motivate them towards kindness, helping others but their efforts are put in vain because of many negative people who don’t want the earth to be a peaceful place.

To restore kindness and make this world a cruelty free place we need to restore humanity.

Preserving humanity will restore faith in peace, love and kindness and will make this world a better place to live on.

So be what you are, a HUMAN.


We Indians & Our Politics

Seems like we are very confused and we contradict our own thoughts.

We want everything to be clean but we don’t want to clean.

We want extra holidays but we don’t want to work extra-time.

We want high salaries but we don’t want to work honestly.

We want the country to be corruption

free but we won’t stop taking bribes.

We want development but we don’t want construction work to disturb us.

We want greenery but we don’t want to plant trees.

We want good education for our kids but if we are a teacher we don’t want to teach.

We want the government schools to be good but we don’t want to teach our kids there.

We want continuous supply of water but we don’t want to save it.

We want full salaries but we don’t want to work everyday.

We want the reservation system to end but we won’t stop discriminating people.

We don’t want people to judge us but we won’t stop judging them.

We don’t want people to be racist towards us but we ourselves won’t stop racial discrimination.

We want people to stop this caste system but we will prioritize the person who is from the same caste as ours.

We want every right but we don’t want to stand up for our rights.

We want change but we think an individual’s contribution can’t bring any change.

We want zero pollution but we won’t take public transport.

We want to change the mindset of people but we won’t change ours.

We want to help people but we won’t find a way how to help them.

We don’t want anyone to compare us but we won’t stop comparing others.

We want India to be a peaceful country but we won’t stop our hatred towards other religions.

So, Basically we just want to sit and criticize everything and that’s all.

Is it Right to Always Blame the Government

As a citizen don’t we have any responsibility towards our nation.

Well as the citizens of this country it should be our duty to contribute towards the betterment of our country.But still we always blame government.

Only going to the the office and doing out regular job doesn’t make us a good citizen.If we want change in the right direction we should be the one to come forward and stand for what is needed to be changed.

… I always see people blaming the government for everything.If a certain campaign is initiated by the government we all must come forward to support and do our bit but instead of supporting we sit and criticize like it’s been 4 years has something changed, has the Ganges river became clean and nothing has been cleaned.

These are those people jo bagal mein dustbin rhega but usme kuda dalne ki jahmat nhi uthate, but they want everything to be clean.Some people try a bit but fail, like if they don’t see the dustbin nearby then they throw trash anywhere, vo idhar udhar dekhne ki jahmat to utha lete h par chal k jane ki nhi.

Arey bhai kisi aur shop k samne vali dustbin m dal doge to vo ye nhi khenge ki bhaiya kahi aur ka kuda yaha nhi daalein.

One very common thing in our country is to see an empty dustbin that is surrounded by trash.

And if there is an empty plot it becomes the ultimate trash spot for other people in that area and after sometime it will look like a dumpyard and the bichara plot owner won’t be able to recognize his own plot.

What I want to convey is that we citizens are the one who can bring change into a positive way.

So, instead of just sitting and criticizing the government and others we should come forward to support and stand for the change needed in our nation.
Even if we cannot do much atleast we should do our share of work and contribute in making our nation a beautiful place.

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