Living in the 21st century, yet we didn’t grew up as a human being on the planet.

Not talking about a single person or a single nation but almost all of them.

Exploring different parts of the world makes us aware of many situations, and also makes us realise the fact that maybe we have developed much but the education and developement didn’t help us improve our morals and the way of seeing the world.

If you are an Asian and are visiting European countries then you are seen as a poor, unemployed, and a person who is snatching jobs and filling their country.

Belonging from some particular community, race, or some countries makes you the untouchables, unwatchable’s, unbearable’s for the rest of the world.

Not only European but also American, Asian, discrimination, racism exists in every part of the world.

Even in the Asian continent if you belong from the developing nations like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Srilanka, Philippines, Vietnam etc. peoples perception towards you changes.

If you are a person from United States or any European countries visiting Asian countries like China,South Korea etc. people will see you someone as rich and will respect you more while if you are from Africa, India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Srilanka etc people will see down at you.

You will be seen as an inhuman body lingering in their world hindering their paths.

What I try to understand is why people have this mindset.Why their mentality is so degraded.

Like as if people from developing or poor nations are not humans and the poor people are bodies from another planet.

This is the reality of developed countries, and the so called sophisticated people.

However highly developed we are but our mentality is still low…


Words From Dying Humanity…

Hey! So called Humans this is your once upon a time characteristic to now a rare characteristic “Humanity”.

And I must say there are human beings but no “HUMANITY”

Earlier I used to be like a built in characteristic that later became optional and then got replaced by hatred,religion,property,matter,class,money,caste, borders, ethnicity, nationality,etc.

I need to be preserved, but humans are the one cutting me off.

I have became part of so many campaigns where people are trying to protect me, spread me but it ain’t going to every persons mind.

There are humans who are trying to kill each other for money and property.

Brothers are killing brothers, children are killing their parents, parents are killing their children.

I think of the day when there will be harmony, love, brotherhood in human beings, when humans will help each other for the sake of happiness.

When there will be no borders being the reason of soldiers dying protecting their country.

When everyone can walk anywhere, anytime and feel secure.No killings, no blasts, no attacks, just humanity.

When earth would be a happy place…

But it’s all a dream that seems too unreal and hard to come true…..

The time is not far when my name “HUMANITY” will just become history that people will talk about in the coming future…

Days have started when people say…

Not too close not too far I live where humans are close but Humanity is far…

Dark Reality of Forgotten India – I

Not all people are aware of the situation in the country side.The customs followed over there and how the women are treated over there.Being a boy in the villages or the cities can be a lot favourable but being a girl, situation becomes opposite of it.

People always want to control girls, be it her parents, brother, in-laws or husband.

Everybody will teach her what is good for a her, what she should do, or what she should wear.Everybody wants her to be a robot that listens and does as per others instructions.

Everybody will try to give best facilities to their boys like sending them to the best school of that area, or sending them for higher education in big cities, but in case of girls, they will be send to a normal local school and higher education is not necessary for her as she only have to do household chores.Going for higher education in other cities is still a dream of millions of girls.Those dreams are crushed because of societies norms.

People in the country side have the mentality that girls have to go to someone else’s house then why invest so much money on them.

People always think of marrying their girls at a very young age so that they get rid of burden, as girls are considered a burden in the rural areas.

When it comes about her marriage her studies are interrupted midway and then later it depends on her in-laws if they want her to complete her education or not.

Nobody wants her to be independent, they want her to ask for permission for whatever she wants to do.

Isn’t it her right to get the equal rights?

आओ मिलकर सीखें चलना…

आओ मिलकर सीखें चलना

गिर गिरकर फिर सम्भलना

कैसी भी हो मंजिल

हरपल आगे बढ़ना।

कुछ मोड़ मिलेंगे राहों में

जिनका तोड़ है तुम्हारी निगाहों में

कुछ उलझन भरे सवाल होंगे

तुम्हारे पास जिनके जवाब होंगे

बस जरुरत है उन्हें पहचाने की

पूरे मन से उन्हें अपनाने की

विश्वास तुम्हारा डगमगाएगा

आत्मविश्वास हिल सा जाएगा

कुछ कठिन परिस्थितियाँ होंगी

जिनमें जरुरत सब्र और वक्त की होगी

गिरने में कोई दोष नहीं है

बस गिरकर उठने का होश हो

आगे बढ़ने का जोश हो

आओ मिलकर सीखें चलना

गिर गिरकर फिर सम्भलना

कैसी भी हो मंजिल

हरपल आगे बढ़ना।

Life’s Rulebook – I

Seems like a girl’s life is a movie scripted by every person except her.Script seems to be a Rulebook, following which is mandatory otherwise she can come in the category of non- sansakari, spoiled,rude, disrespectful, ill-mannered, shameless,etc.

Just few simple rules

1- You should have decent friends.

2- You shouldn’t be out for too long.

3- You shouldn’t go out everyday.

4- You shouldn’t be friends with guys.

5- You should wear decent clothes(salwar-suit).

6- Not to wear much makeup.

7- Not to talk to guys.

8- Learn cooking as this is the base of marriage.

9- Respect everyone even if they don’t respect you.

10- If you are widow don’t wear colourful clothes as society might get offended, because they pay for your daily expenses.

11- If you are married wear colourful clothes otherwise people will think you are a widow.Because colour defines your status.

12- Agree with every decision of your elders even if it is not according to your wish because if you don’t you are ill-mannered.

13- Marry as per your elders wish even if you don’t like the person or he is older than you.

14- If you are a widow forget about happiness because it shouldn’t exist in your life.

15- Don’t think of leaving your husband even if he is disrespectful towards you.Because society won’t approve of this.Your parents will abandon you.Nobody will support. you.

16- Learn to compromise.Because compromising is the name of your life.

17- Don’t go against your parents wish.

18- After marriage don’t go against your husband’s wish.

19- Join a college nearby in the hometown.

20- Don’t go for higher studies out of station.

21- Don’t try to compare yourself with boys because they are superior.

22- Don’t go out at night.

23- Do house chores.

24- Always ask for permission first.

25- Learn to behave properly.

These are just the few rules, there are many more.

See how simple rules, but yet girls fail to understand and follow it.

मैं ही जिन्दगी की राह हूँ

मैं रेत सी हूँ, कभी टिकती हूँ कभी फिसल जाती हूँ

मैं हवा हूँ, कभी चलती हूँ कभी रूक जाती हूँ

मैं ही जिन्दगी की राह हूँ,

मैं बदलाव हूँ।

कभी बादल बनकर आसमान पर छा जाती हूँ,

कभी सूरज की किरणें बनकर बादलों को चीरकर

निकल जाती हूँ,

मैं ही जिन्दगी की राह हूँ,

मैं बदलाव हूँ।

कभी वो बर्फ हूँ जो गर्मी से पिघल जाती है,

तो कभी वो बर्फ हूँ जो ठंड से जम जाती है,

मैं ही जिन्दगी की राह हूँ,

मैं बदलाव हूँ।

कभी वो पहाड़ हूँ जो तूफान का रुख मोड़ देती है,

कभी वो तूफान हूँ जो फसलें तोड़ देती है,

मैं ही जिन्दगी की राह हूँ,

मैं बदलाव हूँ।

We Promote The One’s Who Are Already good At Something!

Some people might say, why shouldn’t we promote the good one’s.

Let’s talk from the basic when we are in primary classes, our teachers always praise the the kids who are active and are more interactive from the beginning.

I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be praised, they definitely should be praised they deserve it.But as a teacher isn’t it their duty to treat every kid equally and not be partial.

Because what happens is when there are few interactive students in the class teachers just focus on them, and they don’t pay much attention to the other kids.Or they start comparing them to the other kids, even the parents do this.They don’t have interactive sessions with every kid.

You can say that the time is limited and syllabus needs to be completed but still 5 to 10 minutes of interactive session in each class will do wonders and it can be managed.

Stop comparing them start motivating them, comparing them to someone else is not suitable also and it sounds irritating to them.

They don’t interact because maybe they are little isolated and have social anxiety so by comparing them or scolding them we are worsening the situation.

Comparison is also not justified maybe if one kid is good at studies the other one is good at sports or any other creative fields.We need to boost their confidence not worsen it up.

Interactive sessions with students is much effective than just standing and giving lectures on daily basis.

Not only the teachers, even the parents need to interact with their children, motivate them towards their interests, motivate them to do better.If they fail don’t scold them, try to understand them interact with them, motivate them to do better next time.Because failure is not the end of the world.

Success begins where the failure ends.

If you ignore the one’s who are not much interactive, slowly slowly they become isolated.Maybe they have very good ideas inside their head but the social anxiety doesn’t let them show it.

So, we need to be equal to every kid and also be more interactive and motivate every kid from the very beginning of their school days to speak up.

Sometimes comparing them to others develops inner irritation and just because of that they want to perform better but sometimes they become isolated.

We water roots of the plants, same is the case here we need to build up the basics from the very beginning.

Some plants need more water, some plants need less water.

Same is the condition with kids and students and many people, some are already good so they need less motivation some are not that good so they need more support and motivation.

जिन्दगी के साथ चलना सीखो

जिन्दगी के साथ चलना सीखो,

समय के साथ बदलना सीखो।

जानी है मंजिल और अंजान हैं रास्ते,

तो हर मोड़ पर रास्तो को समझना सीखो

और फिर उन रास्तो पर चलना सीखो।

जिन्दगी के साथ चलना सीखो,

समय के साथ बदलना सीखो।

जरुरी नहीं सफर में सारे मुसाफिर हों हमसफर,
रास्तों से करो राब्ता,

और ना समझ आये कुछ तो

खुदपर भरोसा रखना सीखो।

जिन्दगी के साथ चलना सीखो,

समय के साथ बदलना सीखो।

Learn to move on in life,

Learn to change with time…

Cloudy dreams

Have you ever wondered why our dreams are still unclear.

In 20’s but still don’t know what our aim is or what interests us more than anything else.Which dream should I pursue so that I never get full of it.

The dream that will never make us regret which are those.

Sometimes it is really depressing to know that there are lots of people who recognise their interests at a young age but why weren’t we able to do so.Our future that is still unplanned, unsure, and we not knowing which way to go.

Or the field that I am pursuing currently is not the one that I’m really interested into.

Many times we lack guidance or the proper knowledge of various professions.

Sometimes we want to be a singer sometimes an actor, writer, story teller,social worker, etc.

Firstly, we think that we are the only one who thinks like this but meeting people , talking to them will made us realize that we are not the only one who’s dreams are unclear.There are many people who are like us.

Lack of proper career guidance is what we are suffering from.

I said suffering because there are many people who still wonder what should they choose.

All these thoughts feels a war in the head, a struggle that many feel to make the right choice, because there is nobody to support you or guide you throughout this journey.

Lots of people choose any field because it’s the matter of survival as they have to earn money.

And there are many people who still have many thoughts like what I’m best at.What I can do with my full dedication without getting bored.

So, if there is nobody to guide you, then you are your own light in the dark.

Guide yourself through all your dreams, research about them and follow the one’s that interests you more.

Enlighten yourself!

Daughters Are Burden On Society

When we are a kid we don’t understand but as we grow up, we start seeing people talk about the responsibilities that they have for their girl child, like their education, marriage,finding a nice guy, then the dowry.

Many girls are not educated properly just because at end they have to get married and take care of house.

Parents can feed 10 sons for life but 1 daughter is too burdensome for them.

If the girl is less educated then it’s a problem for many, if a girl is highly educated then also it’s a problem for many people.

Leave the parents even the society starts feeling the burden, and they will be like “unki ladki 25 ki ho gyi h abhi tak shadi nahi huyi”.

If the girl is highly educated then finding a guy for her is a burden for the society, like “bhaisaab kaha se itna padha likha ladka dhundhenge” and if the girl chooses a guy herself then people will be like “jyada azadi nahi Deni chahiye ladkiyon ko, apne man ki krne lgti hain“.

Girls are more burden to the society than to her parents.They will always have problem no matter what.

If you are tall, then they will be like “arey! beta ab aur mat badhna nahi to ladke nhi milenge jaldi”.If you are short then also it’s a problem “arey bitiya ki height bhot kam h badi dikkat hogi aage”.

If you don’t want to marry soon then they will be like “beta baad mein achhe ladke milte nahi h”.

Kaun h ye achhe ladke, kaha milte h aur kaha chale jate h.

Koi baat nhi aunty nhi milega to nhi shadi krenge , then aunty will be like beta shadi to sbko krni padti hai.

In boys case people are quite relaxed and they will ask them first about their wish but in girls case everything goes according to what seems suitable or pleasing to society.

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