Alone but not lonely
Scared but not cowardly
Maybe not beautiful but lovely
That’s how a person should be positive, unapologetically



She wanted to fly…

But her wings were broken

in the name of society

Her dreams were crushed in the name of being not appropriate for girls

She aged faster than her elder brothers not just to society but for her parents too

She was amazed by night not days

She wanted to roam in streets at night but she couldn’t

She wanted to die but she was so in love with life

She wanted to experience every bit of life

She was not amazed by death she was amazed by life

She was full of love but she was not allowed to love

She wanted to be herself but she couldn’t

She wanted to fly high but her wings were broken

She wanted to be free but she was caged

She was full of life but she was dead

So she hated being a girl………………

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A dreamer!

Full of dreams…

Although it is good but is quite suspenseful.

What kind of dream, how to follow, or how to connect the dots that will reach us to our happiness i.e. our dream.

Living without a dream is like a body without soul…

The one with dreams, may sound enthralling but dreams without vision leads to nowhere.

Dream without a vision is like a soul without a body…

Dreaming is a good thing but dreaming without a vision is not fruitful.
Dream small, dream big but dream, dream with a vision.Dream not for fun, but for happiness.

Someone said dreams are not those that makes you sleep, dreams are those which keeps you awake.

Your dream belongs to you, only if you have the vision to it.Because what you see, others can’t, they can only imagine and wonder.Your vision is yours cause you are one to have curated it, and you know how to fullfil your dream.

If you have a dream, create a vision for it and after that most of your problems will be sorted out.





Exploring doesn’t only have have to be about travelling to new places.

Exploring can be about yourself, about the real you, your happiness.It can be about discovering your interests, your innerself, your dreams.

When you don’t know what to do in life, what your dream is, the meaning of your existence, everything seems meaningless to you.You think you are headed to nowhere and your life is going in downhill direction.

You see people doing so good and that kinda depress you.People start comparing you, they make you notice the people that you deliberately ignore.This makes you dislike that person.

When a person is not doing well the thing they want least is being compared.

The thing we lack is understanding our ownselves.We need to work on exploring our ownselves to find the answers.

So, just ignore everything, give yourself some lone time and start focusing on yourself, think and notice every single detail that makes you curious and try to find the answers for it.

When you start spending time on yourself, you will understand yourself better.It will help you find answers to the questions that keep interrupting you.Knowing yourself will make you understand better.




Lots of mysterious places, some mysteries solved and some still making us wonder about their behind the scenes story.Mystery sounds fascinating and makes us curious.

Lots of people just travel around the world to get to know it better because mysterious places create curiosity.

1. – Crooked forest, Poland

In the south of the city of Szczecin in Poland near the border of Germany a small bunch of like 400 pine trees has been catching the attention of travellers for their unique growth structure.

The whole forest seems to be bent like 90 degree at the trunk and then twisting straight and growing vertically.

2.- Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean

Disappeared ships, planes, lost mariners, strong magnetic force, aliens existence, monsters existence and the third world, this place gave birth to whole lot of different stories.

Mystery is solved, but is it correct?Many people don’t seem to believe.They still want to live in their curious world.

3.- The Valley of Seven dead men, India

Graham Dickford, an adventurer with his 7 companions went to this jungle for fortune hunt.He along with his 7 companions were found in delirium state with severe burns.

He yelled words like ‘great fying fire’ “shadows in the night” and other things.

Then he died 3 days later screaming in pain more frightened than ever.

The exact location of the valley is kept secret by the Indian government to avoid people getting hurt.

4.- The Stone Forest/Shilin Stone Forest, China

One of a kind forest with unique beauty.Forests but not of trees but of limestones.These limestones have formed over an area of 96,000 acres making it look like a limestone forest.

Highrising humongous limestone structures gives a fascinating view to the tourists.

5.- Sailing Stones, Death Valley, California

Walking rock! Have you ever heard of it or can you imagine a rock moving on its own?

This sailing stone story has remained a mystery since 1915 when people noticed the stone has moved on its own in a dry land.

Some people believe the formation of ice around the stones made the rock move.But not everybody believes this theory.

No one has saw the stones moving.Some stones move linier and some take oval turns.Quite fascinating isn’t it?

6.- Eternal Flame Falls, New York

Eternal flame falls located in the Orchard park, New York.Result of a natural phenomena makes this place a mysterious one.

Each day a lot of methane comes out of this place making it inflammable

The flame never goes out even if it extinguishes it again lits up.

Scientists say this is caused by the seeping of natural gas from the subterrane.

7.- Magnetic Hills, India

The hill that pulls the vehicles Have you ever heard of it?

Maybe you didn’t, it is in Ladakh.It exists over an small stretch over Srinagar- Leh Highway.

You can experience it on your own, just turn your vehicle off, standing neautral, your car will start moving on its own.Scary isn’t it?

8.- The Nazca Lines, Peru

The Nazca Lines are the most mysterious and prehistoric remains in all of South America.

A UNESCO world Heritage site depicting strange cravings of spiders, monkey when seen from above.

9.- Richat Structure, Mauritania

A swirling, spinning and a cyclone like structure in the middle of Sahara desert.Its a set of circular concentric rings and that’s the mystery.

Some says aliens landed on this place some says it’s an asteroid effect.

10.- Pamukkale, Turkey

It’s views are just exotic and they are because of the calcium carbonate which has been deposited from 17 hot springs over a period of thousand years.

It’s mineral rich water is believed to have therapeutic benefits.It is said that this places temperature go upto 100 degree Fahrenheit.Its fascinating view attract many tourists from across the globe.

They all make for a great tourist attraction, specially for the people who love exploring.

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Walking through the lanes of different people’s mind and their perception is quite a valley, sometimes very deep,sometimes narrow, beautiful, mesmerizing.

Trying to understand different people’s mindset be like walking through the streets of Varanasi complicated, beautiful, narrow, never ending, an exotic combination leading towards the beautiful ghats of river Ganges.

People are like those building’s standing across the lanes, some historical, some modern, some combination of both and some standing tall amidst all storms, not falling in any situation.

Unique, cultural, historical, modern, classic all trying to exist in the same frame.

Everything about nature is just so wonderful that it will make you think again, again and again.

Be it humans, animals,trees, waterfalls,hills,valleys,flowers,snow,sky, moon, twinkling of stars, or anything natural.A whole lot of creativity.

Spending time in a natural place gives immense pleasure that is just too unique to be felt anywhere else.

Looking at the night sky full of stars, is too beautiful.

Because nature is amazing…

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Lots of people will support you on your face but won’t on your back.

You will have many friends but only few will be the best.

You may be standing amidst crowd but yet feel lonely.

Lots of people may know you but only few will understand you.

Some people seek one home and some people own many homes.

Some people seek crowd and some people seek lone time.

Someone wants to die and someone wants to live a day more.

Some people live for love and some people die for love.

Someone seeks education and someone hates studying.

Some people have so many talents and some seek for one talent.

Some people are filled with so much of positivity and some are filled with so much negativity.

Some people seek for the basic facilities and some people criticize it.

Everyone has two personalities, one that they portray infront of others and the other is their real self.

Some people have nothing to say and some have lots to say but couldn’t.

Some people find solace in concrete buildings and some find it in nature’s lap.

Some people want many to know them and some want to run away to a place where nobody knows them…

This is just one life so,





Life, a continual change preceding death, existence of an individual human being.

Life itself is a meaning, living itself is a ‘definition‘ living itself defines our life.

Sometimes exotic combination of ups and down.In a moment we seem to be happy in the next we are sad.

Ultimately never goes planned, still everybody is so into drafting it beforehand.So busy that they even forget to live and enjoy the life, they just seem to draftout everything for the near future.Rather than living in the present they live for the future.

Forgetting to enjoy, to be happy.

The real essence of happiness is what we are missing out.

Life is full of uncertainty, and this we all know.In a time someone is so high and in a time someone is fighting with death to live more.

So, rather than planning it do what you like, fullfill your dreams and walk into the direction in which your happiness lies.

Do what makes you happy rather than listening to someone else listen to yourself and believe in your dreams believe in yourself.Have a vision for your dreams.Make your life exotic.

Live every moment of your life.Because! real essence of life in living every bit of it.





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People and Books both are same in many ways like both are judged by their outer appearance.

People are just like books, full of stories behind the cover, you know them only when you want to know them, and for that you have to read and listen to their story by yourself.

Because if you listen their story from someone else maybe alot of words get left behind and that can change the whole context of the story.

Some words create a story and Some words destroy a story…

Be it a book or a person, to understand both of them you need to come close because you can’t understand from a far distance.

Some people say they are like an open book, but we judge them by saying… Oh that’s not true you have lots of things hidden in your mind.

Ok! Maybe they hide things, but it can also be the case we never tried to understand them.

We can’t read a book from a far distance so maybe they were a open book but we were too far to read it.


Every person’s life is a book in itself…

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