People and Books both are same in many ways, both are judged by their outer appearance.

People are just like books, full of stories behind the cover, you know them only when you want to know them, and for that you have to read and listen to their story by yourself.

Because if you listen their story from someone else, alot of words can get left behind or can be manipulatedand that can change the whole context of the story.

Some words create a story and Some words destroy a story…

Be it a book or a person, to understand both of them you need to come close, because you can’t understand or read them from a far distance.

Some people say they are like an open book, but we judge them by saying… Oh that’s not true you have lots of things hidden in your mind.

Ok! Maybe they hide things, but it can also be the case we never tried to understand them.

We can’t read a book from a far distance so maybe they were a open book but we were too far to read it.


Every person’s life is a book in itself…

Published by Niqita Singh

Enlightening myself through you...

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