Lots of people will support you on your face but won’t on your back.

You will have many friends but only few will be the best.

You may be standing amidst crowd but yet feel lonely.

Lots of people may know you but only few will understand you.

Some people seek one home and some people own many homes.

Some people seek crowd and some people seek lone time.

Someone wants to die and someone wants to live a day more.

Some people live for love and some people die for love.

Someone seeks education and someone hates studying.

Some people have so many talents and some seek for one talent.

Some people are filled with so much of positivity and some are filled with so much negativity.

Some people seek for the basic facilities and some people criticize it.

Everyone has two personalities, one that they portray infront of others and the other is their real self.

Some people have nothing to say and some have lots to say but couldn’t.

Some people find solace in concrete buildings and some find it in nature’s lap.

Some people want many to know them and some want to run away to a place where nobody knows them…

This is just one life so,




Published by Niqita Singh

Enlightening myself through you...

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