Not all people are aware of the situation in the country side.The customs followed over there and how the women are treated over there.Being a boy in the villages or the cities can be a lot favourable but being a girl, situation becomes opposite of it.

People always want to control girls, be it her parents, brother, in-laws or husband.

Everybody will teach her what is good for a her, what she should do, or what she should wear.Everybody wants her to be a robot that listens and does as per others instructions.

Everybody will try to give best facilities to their boys like sending them to the best school of that area, or sending them for higher education in big cities, but in case of girls, they will be send to a normal local school and higher education is not necessary for her as she only have to do household chores.Going for higher education in other cities is still a dream of millions of girls.Those dreams are crushed because of societies norms.

People in the country side have the mentality that girls have to go to someone else’s house then why invest so much money on them.

People always think of marrying their girls at a very young age so that they get rid of burden, as girls are considered a burden in the rural areas.

When it comes about her marriage her studies are interrupted midway and then later it depends on her in-laws if they want her to complete her education or not.

Nobody wants her to be independent, they want her to ask for permission for whatever she wants to do.

Isn’t it her right to get the equal rights?

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  1. Now days thoughts are changing. Our old generation was like that but new generations thinkings are little bit change.I t takes time to change our society.Logo me jagrukta aayegi wakt badlega Lekin samay lagega thanks lot for your new post .

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