Daughters Are Burden On Society

When we are a kid we don’t understand but as we grow up, we start seeing people talk about the responsibilities that they have for their girl child, like their education, marriage,finding a nice guy, then the dowry.

Many girls are not educated properly just because at end they have to get married and take care of house.

Parents can feed 10 sons for life but 1 daughter is too burdensome for them.

If the girl is less educated then it’s a problem for many, if a girl is highly educated then also it’s a problem for many people.

Leave the parents even the society starts feeling the burden, and they will be like “unki ladki 25 ki ho gyi h abhi tak shadi nahi huyi”.

If the girl is highly educated then finding a guy for her is a burden for the society, like “bhaisaab kaha se itna padha likha ladka dhundhenge” and if the girl chooses a guy herself then people will be like “jyada azadi nahi Deni chahiye ladkiyon ko, apne man ki krne lgti hain“.

Girls are more burden to the society than to her parents.They will always have problem no matter what.

If you are tall, then they will be like “arey! beta ab aur mat badhna nahi to ladke nhi milenge jaldi”.If you are short then also it’s a problem “arey bitiya ki height bhot kam h badi dikkat hogi aage”.

If you don’t want to marry soon then they will be like “beta baad mein achhe ladke milte nahi h”.

Kaun h ye achhe ladke, kaha milte h aur kaha chale jate h.

Koi baat nhi aunty nhi milega to nhi shadi krenge , then aunty will be like beta shadi to sbko krni padti hai.

In boys case people are quite relaxed and they will ask them first about their wish but in girls case everything goes according to what seems suitable or pleasing to society.

Published by Niqita Singh

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