Is your dream dead!

According to astronomy, when you wish upon a star, you’re actually a few million years late. That means what you are seeing now is the light from the star and the actual star is already dead just like your dreams.

Anyway, it’s you who drives your dreams not stars so your dream is alive till you are alive.

Dreams & Door…

Whether it’s day or night, we dream and we dream of the dreams that look beautiful or amusing.If we wakeup in middle of a dream we try to sleep again to complete that dream, or we create a plot to fit that dream.

These dreams can give us just happiness for a small moment.

So open your doors for the dreams that have light, that will erase the darkness and will light up the path you need to follow.

It will be good if we can get something meaningful and creative out of those dreams.

Life, a Canvas

If life is a canvas, I want to fill it with the shades of brightest colours and some of the dark shades to give it contrast.Because at the end it should be realistic not just a pretty portrayal

The shades of bright colours will represent the reasons of happiness.

Dark shades will represent the reasons of sadness.

Because there will be times when I will be happy or sad depending on the situation.

Reasons of these can be anything or anyone be it me, friends, family, love, my self-growth or this world.

Filling colours into my life is my task and if someone else is trying to fill colours into my life it’s good until they are trying to fill dark shades.Its my life and I know what colours I want in my life.

I’m never going to give someone the control over my life.


“Life is just like the snakes & ladders game, someone will support you up and someone will drag you down”

Just like snakes and ladders game life is full of risks.We need to take risks to move further.

In this journey of risks some will support your vision and some will critic about it.

Let them critic
Everybody has a dream but not everybody has vision.

If you have to go to the terrace you need stairs or anything that will lead you up.
Vision is the same

Life is not all about success, in the midst failures lies too.
The path to success pass through many risks and many failures.
Vision is the path that will lead you to your destination.

So dream with a vision and don’t be afraid to take risks.


“Her heart was shattered

into pieces that nobody

tried to collect”

Not just broken, her heart was shattered into pieces

Millions of times her soul asked for help but nobody could listen to the voice of her inner soul

Amidst the chaos she was dying a silent death

And slowly slowly she became a dead soul residing into a living body.


“I found home in chaos

because your thoughts

didn’t let me live in peace”

“When we are sad, we try to isolate ourself but when we are heartbroken we find solace in chaos.

Peace only reminds us of the memories that we don’t want to think of.

Noise distracts us and gives us a little peace from all the chaos going in our head.We keep running from those thoughts.

We try to escape into a space that makes us forget these thoughts, maybe not for long but still for a little while.”

And thats how chaos becomes our home…

Sometimes, Just Sometimes

Sometimes, I wonder if I’m too weak or too strong

Sometimes, I fight for others

Sometimes, I can’t even stand for myself

Sometimes, I want to open up to people

Sometimes, I want to close myself

Sometimes, just sometimes…

Sometimes, I’m too mature to understand others

Sometimes, I’m too immature to understand myself

Sometimes, I want to cry out loud

Sometimes, I want to cry in silence

Sometimes, just sometimes

Why We Should Explore More!

Maybe we are not that narrow minded maybe we are not that broad minded too.Maybe sometimes we are able to understand others maybe sometimes we aren’t.

Exploring is not just about knowing new places it is also about new people, new mindsets, new cultures and many things.

When we are just confined to ourselves we don’t understand other people, or their perceptions.

Sometimes we think they are acting over the top or sometimes we find them insensible, weird or wrong.

We just think of ourselves or the people around us.But when we get to know more people, meet more people there are talks, exchange of thoughts, cultural exchange and lots of things that changes the way we see the world or people.

Earlier we used to judge people on the basis of their looks or their behaviour but afterwords we will try to understand them before we judge.

So, when we explore more we are more open to accept people as they are.We become diverse and more close to humanity.We always try to find the reason why someone is doing this or that or why someone is like that.

We understand people, their thoughts their rights or their perceptions.It changes the whole view of society.

Exploring makes us a good person, a good human being and a thoughtful person.

We start respecting cultures, traditions, people, different communities, customs by understanding them.

The more we explore the more accepting we become.

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